Dr. Cindy Cruz
Associate Professor
Department of Education,
UC Santa Cruz

Monday, September 17

12:00 – 1:30pm, CLPR/LRC

2547 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA

Thinking with Latinx Queer and Trans-Youth about Resistant Socialities and the Infrapolitics of the Street

In this presentation, I engage a rethinking of resistance theory to capture the embodied agency of Latinx LGBTQ street youth. It is in the careful observations of the often violent intersections of the body, race, gender, and sexuality, where the “tight spaces” of youth resistance are engaged.

This project interfaces Lugones’ theorizing of resistance with those by Scott and Kelley. I reframe youth experience that extend traditional notions of resistance, where the daily and seemingly spontaneous acts of resistance performed by LGBTQ street youth are important. Lugones’ notion of a resistant sociality is particularly important in an examination of the off-stage practices that may create the breathing spaces, however tight, for Latinx LGBTQ street youth. It is a choice of life-affirming practices for otherwise disposable lives. I am arguing that resistance needs to be recognized even in the smallest of movements. In spaces where the queer youth body is perceived as infected, contaminated, and often expendable, I believe that their talking back must be attended to.